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The theory has long been held that we are all creatures of energy, created from energy, consisting of energy, and thus both exuding and absorbing energy. It is further theorized that given we are all constructed from energy; our energy signature may be imparted to visual representations of our physical being. Visual representations such as photographs, video and audio recordings are thought to contain a vibrational fingerprint, a carbon copy of the energy patterns that make up our existence.


It naturally follows that harmony introduced to the carbon copy would mean harmony also being introduced to the owner of the energy pattern, namely, the participant. Just as magnetic impulses are imparted to the strip on the back of your credit card causing that card to be personalized to you, it is believed that energy can be applied to the proxy, and you reap the benefits.


Energy can take many forms through out the process, from Sacred Imagery to Mantras and Prayers, to colours and light, and of course sound. Sound plays a major part in imparting fresh energy to a participant, from the Harmonic Frequencies of the various organs contained within our bodies, to the frequencies found to promote wellness and increased Spirituality, such as those found within the Pyramid at Giza. Infusing all or some of these Sacred Tones into your own personal energy has been found to be beneficial by multitudes of people throughout the ages.


Do we really have an aura of energy around us? For decades researchers have been able to scientifically document the presence of personal energy through Kirlian Photography. By utilizing this technology, we were first alerted to the hard evidence of an energy presence, something our ancestors thousands of years ago discovered, but we have somehow forgotten. Through Kirlian Photography we can see with our own eyes that the energy fields do exist.


Quantum technology that uses a computer to broadcast healing frequencies and healing information to continuously energetically balance your whole body system. Since our bodies are always emitting electrical impulses, the program can mathematically communicate information to your consciousness in this same language, which establishes a continual connection and communication with the Psychosomatic (Body, Mind and Soul) aspect of your self.



These energetic balancing systems may be the most advanced and effective subtle energy alignment available in the world today.