Mission Statement 

Fernando M. Branco


Fernando Branco, Dipl. Hom. LCPHFBIHMANME.


Study: Bio Energetic Medicine, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy and Nutrition.


1981/2014 - Post Graduate courses and Workshops on:

Advanced Self Development Strategies, Exegesis Seminar, NLP, EMDR, Advanced Fractal Homeopathy, Bio Energetic Medicine, SCIO, Nutrition, Transurfing.


Mission: Through gained experience in the Field of Natural Medicine and Self Awareness. I intend to Lead, Teach and Motivate participants to become responsible independent protectors of their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Working together with like minded colleagues, friends and supporters we further intend offer service and support to anyone ready to commit to knowing their true Essence and Purpose.


Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Germany.