By Alanna L. in Berlin


When a friend in Mexico recommended the use of the Quantum Bio-Feedback Device known as the SCIO,

I immediately reached out to find a practitioner in Berlin, where I live.


At that point I was beyond desperation and I was ready to believe anything anyone could tell me that might help give some much needed therapeutic support to my 22 year old son, diagnosed since his early teens as bi-polar. My son had stopped taking his medicine 18 months earlier and his condition made living together unbearable. He was on his own, literally on the streets, for the last 8 months and I could not reach him since he had refused all kind of psychiatric or therapeutic support.


The name of Fernando Branco came up in my search as a Berlin based practitioner and I was beyond thankful when he reacted promptly to my request for a session, asking in advance if it could be given to someone who was not present, which he said was usual in this treatment, by means of providing the person´s photo and birth date. My friend in Mexico was unaware that this was also a possibility and was thrilled when I shared my findings.


The fact that I could help my son from a distance comforted my sleepless nights. Fernando then suggested to add the help of the “Praying Wheel or “Energy Infuser” to our situation so we both started receiving constant waves of regenerative and healing energy. Both treatments started on July 2. On August 28 my son arrived in our homeland, the Dominican Republic to reinvent himself after spending ten intense days with me. I still remember the last phrase that Fernando said on our last conversation previous to the day when my son came back to me looking for help: “...miracles do happen, you know”.

Indeed, only six weeks after his first treatment, my son was open to change.


My heart is full with gratitude to this loving blend of technology and spirituality for the sake of healing.


Alanna L in Berlin 09/14